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A game for 2 players by Stephan Miksch.

Dakapo (pronounced ducupo, the word is a German adaption from the Latin “da capo”) is an abstract board game for two players. The stones in four colours are placed in turn by both players trying to form a square. Often the game ends suddenly for the losing player who can request a rematch with the word “dakapo”.

Components: Board, carrying case, 16 red counters, 16 yellow counters, 16 blue counters and 16 green counters.

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time 2-2  complexity 2     time 10
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WARNING: Choking hazard. It contains small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled. Not for children under 3 years.
This product is intended for general use by consumers of all ages (except 3 or younger). It is not intended primarily for children.