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What is FORMAT 1? Please take a look here.

Common components:

  1. Cotton case: 21cm long x 6,5cm diameter. Weight=22 grams.
  2. Board (pad): DIN A4. 29’7cm x 21cm, with 5mm of unusable border (white). Rounded corners. Leave room for the nestorgames logo (60x11mm). Weight=50 grams
  3. Rule sheets: DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm). Weight=5 grams/sheet. Double sided if needed.

Note: Rule sheets are outside the case and unfolded, so costumers can keep them unfolded or insert them into the case.

Note: Up to 2 pads can be used in a game, but the number of components is reduced drastically. Moreover, there are some registration problems when printing, so the graphics are not perfectly aligned when both pads are placed together. You can override this by designing a registration-proof board (a board that doesn't need to be perfectly aligned).

Laser cut acrylic tiles/pieces:

  1. Laser cut acylic (3mm thick): 0,3 grams per square centimeter. Common colours. Minimum cutting size: See Adaptoid. If printed, minimum size=1cm.
  2. Laser cut acylic (10mm thick approx.): 1 grams per squared centimeter. Only black, transparent and translucent. Minimum cutting size: See Adaptoid. If printed, minimum size=1cm.

Note: Laser cutting cost depends on the perimeter of the pieces. So the larger the perimeter, the higher the final price of the game.

Other components:

Easy to find or regular game components. They must fit into the case.


  1. Plastic counters: 15mm x 5mm diameter. 1 gram.
  2. Plastic cored cylinders: 13mm x 11mm diameter.
  3. Dice: 14mm. 3,5grams. Common colours.
  4. Wooden people, houses,…

Maximum total weight per game=160 grams.