These are my friends:

nestorgames is an industry partner of the UCT for Games and Beyond project, jointly run by Imperial College London and the Universities of Essex and Bradford.

nestorgames is a member of the Artificial Intelligence and Games Research Network.

Cameron Browne - Cameron is an Australian Computer Scientist interested in board games and graphics. Designer of Shibumi, Celtic!, Yavalath, Pentalath, Limit, Cross, Mutton, Stax, Margo, Hop it! and Rebel Moon Defense.

Stephen Tavener - A colourful character. Designer of Web of Flies, Crosshairs, Sleepers, Mutton and Rebel Moon Defense.

www.iggamecenter.com - By Arty Sandler (Artyom Tchebotaryov). Great programmer and a very nice guy. You can play nestorgames' games online, and a lot more!

Dieter Stein - Excelent designer and friend. My german connection. Designer of Abande, Attangle, Ordo, Volo and 11.

Greg Schmidt - Creator of the amazing Axiom Meta-Game system for Zillions of Games. Programmer of Domina 4, Limit, Adaptoid and Omega..

"The Pignatelli bunch" - Local playtesters (my father, my sister, my brother, and a few old friends): Néstor, Silvia, Pedro, Angel "latro", Santiago "Teles", Pepe, Oscar.

Boardgamegeek, of course.

Nathan Morse: My american friend has edited some of the rulebooks.

www.pionek.net - Polish site by Łukasz Rygało.

www.veritasgames.net - Lee Valentine, the man with many hats. Ask him for advice.

The black meeple: Luis' blog. A must!

xblog360: Albert's blog about XBOX 360.

GDG: ¡The best T-shirts !

Chechu Nieto has illustrated Essentia, TOP SPEED and Mecca.

Jorge Galán Liquete has illustrated Robosoccer and the Montmeló circuit of TOP SPEED.

MIreia Muntés has illustrated Ostriches, Corporation and Truffle Scuffle.

Ayudarjugando. The orange T-shirt guys. Helping the children.

Angelo Porazzi has illustrated 'Vicious Fishes' and 'PiFrog'

5 minutos por juego: The great Stephane's web.

Ojo al dado: Board games podcast in Spanish.

The BGDF members - Board Game Designers Forum. If you're an author, please take a look at it. If not, please take a look at it too.

Heather "Squish" Cornelius: Has illustrated Hello Dolly, Sugar Gliders and Web of Flies.

I write articles about puzzles and games for Bitcoin Magazine.

The Museum of Abstract Strategy Games

I'm also Liaison Officer for the Game & Puzzle Design Journal