Nestorgame of the week

For a brief period of time (usually a week), you'll be able to purchase a featured game at a discount. This can be a new game, a new edition of a game, a game that has been somehow updated (production, rules, ....), a previously released game that has not received enough exposure, a game for which I have too many parts in stock, a game related to some event or whatever. So check this page periodically, as you might miss a good opportunity otherwise. Don't forget to reload the page, just in case it doesn't refresh automatically.

To benefit from this discount, simply email me to place your order. You can purchase the game of the week together with other non-featured games, or even several copies of it. This is not cummulative with other offers.

This week's nestorgame of the week is Mammalath. I offer you this game for only 26 EUR instead of 29 EUR. Email me.