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A boardgame for 2 players by Danny Goodisman.

Try to get your pieces across the field, bounding over as many enemies as you can to get there, and manipulating the mindless zombies to hinder your opponent. The two human players are purple and white. The third force (zombies!) heeds the call of whoever holds the Green Skull. Each player must judge whether a jump warrants the loss of the Green Skull. So while your opponent has the Green Skull, you can taunt them and dare them to jump, giving you the Green Skull.

Components: 1 triangular board with 10 hexes per side and coloured borders, 10 purple Goblin player pieces, 10 white Orc player pieces, 8 green Zombie pieces, 1 Green Skull (3D printed).

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20,00€ ($ approx.)
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time 2-2  complexity 2    time 30
Fun to take away
Fun to take away
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WARNING: Choking hazard. It contains small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled. Not for children under 3 years.
This product is intended for general use by consumers of all ages (except 3 or younger). It is not intended primarily for children.