A two-player abstract strategy board game by Richard Moxham.

Morelli (named for a character in Julio Cortázar’s novel Hopscotch) is played on a board divided into 13 x 13 squares and coloured in concentric bands with the successive shades of the rainbow: outermost band of 48 squares in red, through orange, yellow etc, to a single central cell in violet (the Throne).  Two players, Black and White, begin the game with 24 dual-coloured pieces each with their colour facing up, all disposed initially on the red band, and take turns to make inward Queen-moves with one piece at a time. The aim is to occupy the Throne with the King of one's own colour by centring a frame upon it (that is, a rotationally-symmetrical arrangement of four friendly pieces) at any distance. The occupant of the Throne at game’s end is the winner.  You can watch a demo below.

Components: Cotton case, pad, 50 dual-coloured laser-cut acrylic discs (10 mm diameter, 6 mm tall approx.), 2 cylinders in 2 colours.

You can also try the Java version here and play online here, here or here!

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layout d
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time 2-2  complexity 3  time 45
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Boardgamegeek entry for the game
Boardgamegeek entry for the game

WARNING: Choking hazard. It contains small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled. Not for children under 3 years.
This product is intended for general use by consumers of all ages (except 3 or younger). It is not intended primarily for children.