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I'm Néstor Romeral Andrés. Welcome to nestorbooster!

nestorbooster was a crowdfunding platform, but it has now mutated into an authorfunding platform where authors fuel their own games by buying copies in advance.

What is it and how does it work?

nestorbooster allows designers to directly publish their games with nestorgames. If you've designed a game and wish nestorgames to publish it, please follow these steps.

1. Make sure that the game fits in the nestorgames Format 1. Please check also this geeklist.

2. Contact me here.

3. You will be asked to make an advance payment of 50 Eur ($ approx.) if you pay with Paypal, bank transfer or credit card, or 40 Eur if you pay with Bitcoin. This money will cover the costs of evaluating the game, calculating the price and the minimum number of copies to be purchased.

4. Send me a detailed list of materials and specifications in PDF format. Further changes in these specifications made by the designer may derive in additional fees, so make sure that everything is correct and that the game fits in Format 1. If the game cannot be released in Format 1, it will be rejected and the fee won't be refunded.

5. I will calculate the final price for the game and the number of copies that the designer must purchase (at a discount) in order to release it. The number of copies could be between 15 (for a game as simple as Yavalath) and 30 (for a game like TOP SPEED MINI or Rebel Moon Defense).

6. The designer pre-buys the copies at a discount and gets the fee refunded.

7. The designer gets a publication agreement with a 5% royalty.

8. The game enters into production design.

9. The game gets released (usually in 2 months).

10. The designer receives the copies.

As long as the game is available on the nestorgames catalog, the designer has a 15% discount on it and a 10% discount on any other nestorgame.

Note: I reserve the rights to reject a game even if it fits in Format 1, due to either plagiarism, obscene or offensive content, broken or terrible game, etc...

Update: Now the price of the copies includes one shipped to a reviewer of your choice.

Are other formats available?

Yes, you can upload a game for Format 2 (like Shibumi Samurai), or Format 3 (like Yavalath Deluxe), but the advance payment is 100 € ($ approx.).

May I submit a public domain game?

Of course. Follow the above guidelines. But you'll get no royalties. Sorry :)

May I submit a friend's game?

Of course you can! But the process is slightly different.

Are nestorbooster games good?

Games submitted to nestorbooster are also tested by my team, but they get there 'first'. If any flaw is detected then we solve it together with the designer (this has happened a few times) or even reject the game if it's bad or broken. I reserve the rights to publish a game if I think it's not good.

Usually the main problem with publishing a game is not how good it is, but the initial investment required. Nestorbooster solves this. I can publish a game like HEX without initial investment (so I picked it directly). But for a game like Tetrarchia, I need money up front.

That said, I can also fail when picking or designing games myself for nestorgames. I'm just a human doing its best. My team can also fail, too.


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