Shogi (将棋 shōgi?) (/ˈʃoʊɡiː/, Japanese: [ɕo̞ːɡi] or [ɕo̞ːŋi]), also known as Japanese chess or the Generals' Game, is a two-player strategy board game in the same family as Western (international) chess, chaturanga, makruk, shatranj, janggi and xiangqi, and is the most popular of a family of chess variants native to Japan. Shōgi means general's (shō 将) board game (gi 棋).

Shogi Perfecto Zen (and its little brother Iki) is a beautiful edition of Shogi and a perfect pairing of Japanese and Spanish design where the pieces resemble the way they move. This lowers the entry point for new players, but also rewards the most demanding Shogi players with it's stunning presence. Both sets have been designed by Masahiro Nakajima and produced by Néstor Romeral Andrés.

Components for the Zen set:  45x33x5 cm paperstock box, white bag for keeping the pieces, 30.6cm x 33.3cm board (it has no margins) made of 8 mm thick 'ice' acrylic with laser-engraved lines and cells, two side boards (Koma-dai) of 11.2cm x 11.2cm made of 5mm thick 'ice' acrylic, 41 pieces (bigger than Iki) made of  8mm thick black acrylic, including an extra pawn. Those pieces that can promote have a pattern engraved on one side.


175,00€ ($ )
layout dddddd
time2-2  complexity 4     time 60

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WARNING: Choking hazard. It contains small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled. Not for children under 3 years.
This product is intended for general use by consumers of all ages (except 3 or younger). It is not intended primarily for children.