(Only english version by now. Sorry for the inconvenience)

Dear author,

There are 4 ways to publish you game with nestorgames:

1. Game submission: You can send me a short e-mail explaining your game. If I like the game, and it fits in one of the nestorgames formats (see format 1 and 2), I will study its publication and ask you to send me more material.

Adding your game to the bgg helps. Good rulebooks help. Lots of images help. Turn examples help…

This is a slow method, so please be patient.

2. Game design contest: You can submit your game to one of the nestorgames design contests on boardgamegeek or BGDF. If you win, your game gets published. Finalists may also be published.

3. I discover your game on boardgamegeek: I’m constantly searching on boardgamegeek for new games to publish. So add your game to the bgg database now.

4. The 4th method is still under development. Please stay tuned.